Theatre Olympics was established in Delphi on 1993. Theodoros Terzopoulos is the Chairman of the International Committee of Theatre Olympics, while members are Tadashi Suzuki (Japan), Robert Wilson (USA), Wole Soyinka (Nigeria), Yuri Liubimov (Rusia), Tony Harrison (Great Britain), Ratan Tiyam (India), Nuria Espert (Spain), Giorgio Barberio Corsetti (Italy), Georges Lavandant (France), Antunes Filho (Brazil), Jurgen Flimm (Germany) and Chy Rim Choi (Korea). Heiner Muller also was a founding member of the International Committee.
The editions of Theatre Olympics that have been organised up to now are the following:
The 1st Theatre Olympics were organised in Delphi on 1995, titled "Crossing Millennia" and focused on ancient greek drama.
The 2nd Theatre Olympics were organised in Shizuoka, Japan on 1999, titled "Creating Hope". The great Japan architect Arata Isozaki designed a village with theatres, hotels, opera, which was built at the foot of mountain Fujiyama and hosted the 2nd Theatre Olympics.
The 3rd Theatre Olympics were organised in Moscow on 2001. By the occasion of Theatre Olympics, the Russian Ministry of Culture completed the Meyerhold Center, built the Theatre Academy, which was directed by Anatoli Vassiliev and renovated many traditional theatres.
The 4rth Theatre Olympics were held in Istanbul on 2006, titled "Beyond Borders", while the 5th theatre Olympics were held in Seoul on 2010 titled "Sarang (Love and Humanity)".
Theatre Olympics is an intrenational, constant and open forum for theatre and arts, a space of fermentation and artistic exchanges. It supports the values of tradition, quest, experimentation and it promotes the dialogue between national schools and traditions.