IITM traces its origins to the Festival of Merida. This festival, directed by Jose Monleon during 1983-88, evolved from being a classical theatre festival, to being a meeting point with the Mediterranean tradition. In 1989, planning began to create IITM as an autonomous foundation that would enrich the defence of Meditteranean cultural dialogue. It was evident that this was an essential talk needed to reduce the tensions in the zone, often due to biased and false historical interpretations. The founding reunion took place in Merida in 1990. Since then, a series of activities developed that would culminate with the collective approval of the statutes and the legal constitution of the foundation in July, 1991.
Since then, more than 300 activities have been carried out in diverse cities of the Meditteranean area. Sometimes, they were carried out under peaceful circumstances. Other times, the circumstances were immersed in violence or had only recently escaped such a situation. Various declarations have been asserting the Institute's ethical commitment in diverse areas. In every case, their corresponding networks or programs to achieve their goals have been generated.

The foundation encourages every kind of activities that contribute to the following objectives:
a) The development and espression of the meditteranean scenic culture.
b) The promotion of initiatives that encourage theatre exchange and the solildarity between meditteranean people.
c) The activities of research, information, edition, co-producion, education, cooperation and generally to those that meet with the cultural objectives of the foundation.

Theatre personalities from the below countries participate in the International Committee of IITM.
Egypt, Albania, Algeria, Austria, Bosnia-Erzegovini, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Corsega, Croatia, Malta, Maroco, Palaistine, Portugal, Rumania, Serbia, Slovenia, Syria, Turkey, Tunisia, F.Y.R.O.M.

Theodoros Terzopoulos is a founding member and head of the greek department of IITM. On 1991 he organises the First great Festival of IITM, under the title "Violence and Peace in Meditteranean Theatre" and till now he has organised seminars of theatre education in Mytilene and a series of events in Greece and abroad.